appleYou may be asking why my atelier is about wooden apples. When I was enrolled in an art class, my teacher told me a very simple story that until now I can’t seem to forget. It’s a story of a monkey who is attached too much to his wooden apples. The monkey found wooden apples thinking they were real. He took a bite and hurt his teeth. The wooden apples are so beautiful and can’t leave them behind. As he walk through the jungle, other monkeys saw his apples, they thought that they are delicious. The monkey gave his might to fight for his apples against those monkeys who is trying to steal his apples. He won but bruised and exhausted. The monkey is so fascinated to the wooden apples, he was hungry yet can’t let go of them. He can’t climb trees to find other fruit because he can’t let go. I know it’s a silly story. But it reminds me of my old self. A person who has problems in letting go of the things that’s bringing me down. My teacher asked us to carve a wooden apple, and that’s the very first work I’ve made with my own hands. He was happy with my apples, and finally the talentless boy is talentless no more. Get a better version of the story as I suck in story telling, visit