sculptor doing some carving

I’m An Introvert And Proud Of It

Who is this sculptor? He is unknown to everybody. He hides in shadows behind the carved woods. Why he doesn’t like to show his face? Is he ugly or simply shy? These are the questions I think people are asking themselves whenever they glance to my works. I’m just an extreme introvert, that’s all. I’m a fine looking young man, 6 feet tall with blue eyes. Like an aloof cat, I hate attention. But there’s a part of me that wants to show what I really am.

A Guy Named Constantin

You can call me Constantin. A guy who loves woodworks. People in my town call me the “wood master” because my house is full of carvings, I personally carved them for self pleasure, nothing else. I told you that I hate attention but my house is getting all the attention because of my own doing. It’s a piece of work but I’m happy with I’ve done with the place. It reflects my whole life story like the hieroglyphics in Egypt. I like to express myself through sculpting, my talent (if you consider it) is not limited with woods, I also sculpt cements, stones, and even wax.

A Loving And Supporting Mother Of A Talentless Boy

When I was still in school, I’m not a great student. I flunk math, science, and english, my mom is not happy about it. You can just imagine her frustration, but mom understands me. She knew that not all children are good in certain things. She noticed my love for carving and enrolled me in an art class to help me discover my talent. And just like the famous saying goes, she was right. Mothers really know best for their children. Without her, I won’t know that there is something I’m finally good at. Thank you mom. I dedicate this website to you. I’m so blessed to be your boy and now,  a man.