statue- masterpiece
My inspirations are coming from great sculptors and their works. I like sculptors who make me think and give me the freedom to interpret their work. I’m into original works, I hate fancies. I hope that you agree with me that art is not cheap. Like painters, we work on our materials as our canvas, bring them together and make it a piece. We pour every fiber of our being in every work so never say that it’s cheap because like other human beings, we too, have feelings.

Jeff Koons

His knowledge in stainless steal and inflatables is superb. I don’t agree that he produced banal objects, every work he introduced us are meaningful. People just don’t understand the thought behind his work. The banality is a challenge to himself that he wants break. We often see things as normal, cliché, and ordinary, his works want to remind us that simple things like them are beautiful and has their own importance. Visit his website to browse his other masterpieces.

Jeff Koons - Inflatable Dog



Marc Quinn

His works shows dualism and how human can change so much. Our physical body might not show us that we are already changing but deep inside every humans, changes happen everyday. I like Marc because he is not limited to any materials, he will use anything even his own blood. He is one of your radical contemporary artist who goes beyond the box and challenges status quo. Read his messed up mind by going to his site

Marc Quinn- Master Piece


David Nash

I like his work because they are so natural. David understands that beauty exist everywhere and modifications aren’t necessary when the material is already beautiful. I particularly admire his woodworks. They have both personality and drama. He likes to preserve woods and highlight every line and markings as the wood ages, this is the work of nature that no man can ever copy or have done by themselves.

David Nash - Master Piece