I know it may sound weird but who cares anyway. Modernization has allowed us to be ourselves and follow our own calling. Don’t let the views of others hinder you from doing what you love. I was there myself, locked up in my own self defeating beliefs. Beliefs made by external resources about myself, that I’m not going to be anything in the future. Those days are over, wake up to a new day full of hope and acceptance.

Start With Something Soft

I would recommend you to start carving using soft materials. They are cheap and easier to maneuver unlike woods which will cause you good amount of money and their prices varies depending on what type of wood it is. I recommend that you don’t spend too much when you are just starting to learn to carve because believe me, you’ll make mistakes. And don’t worry when you make terrible mistakes because that’s where I truly learned my skills in carving. You could carve watermelon, pumpkins, and candles as you first canvas.

Prepare Your Tools

If you are serious to learn, this is the part where you could invest. Buy some basic tools and you can buy the extras once you already progressed to the skilled level. You can get it the set here www.leevalley.com. The set consists of a , 3/8″ skew chisel, 3/8″ bent chisel, 5/16″ bent gouge, 9/64″ bent parting tool, 9/64″ straight gouge, and 3/8″ straight chisel. These are the only tools you need at first, nothing else.

Let Your Imagination Loose

The reason why I like carving is it lets you become wild with ideas and carve it. Whenever I’m mad, I lay my frustrations to the wood and create something dark. And when I’m happy, you’ll see it in my work. Both are beautiful in their own ways. So if you want to be figurative, that’s fine. Don’t think about pleasing people for now because you are not doing this for money yet. If you already made up your mind to make this as profession then that’s the time to tame a little bit and create something that people will understand. A piece of advice, you are an artist for a reason, do things in your own terms. People will accept your work whatever it is once you overcame the odds. So just be free and let your imagination loose.

Incorporate Other Materials

I don’t believe that sculptures should be made with one material only. You can use broken glasses, add metals, plastics, beads, or whatever materials you want to add. Great artist now a days are versatile when it comes to incorporating materials to their masterpieces. Humans love diversity. We are not contented in just one flavor, we want more and more.

Express Your Self Through Wood Carving