Me - wallpaper art

We Are Not Sick, We Are Just Different

Look beyond and walk with me in the world of art. There is no such things as ugly in the world of art. That’s the reason why I like sculptures, your work is never ugly but rather different or unique. Art embraces people who are broken and who are lost. They can’t find ways to express themselves through words, they have to create something they can call their own. We don’t have the sickness called Alexithymia, we are just different. We don’t care if the outside world approves it or reject it because it’s our work, we create our own dimensions that no one understands. People often times call us “people with too much imagination”. And we are fine with that as long as you allow us to drift away in creativity and day dreaming.

Support Exhibits

Exhibits are everywhere. Don’t just visit exhibits of artists who are in the spot light. Discover other artists who have more to share with you. Everyone deserves a chance. I told you before that I’m a person who dislike to show myself but I like to show my work because they best describe me as a person. If you truly love art, you will not dismiss those who are just starting to make their mark. Instead, help them be recognized. If their work is noteworthy then please support them. Find them here:,, and