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From traditional art to modern art, we can’t deny the fact that sculpting has come a long way since it was first applied during the Late Stone Age. Back then, sculpting can only be done by art geniuses like Michelangelo and Donatello. But now, sculpting can be done by anyone else – or more specifically, those who are looking to expand their knowledge in art and even those who are still looking to expand their knowledge on the basics of art.

In other words, sculpting can be done by you – even if you’re just someone who’s passing by.

Thus, it’s only right for you to consider these before sculpting:

The Primary Material, Other Materials You’ll Use With It

What kind of sculpture are you looking to create? Is it wood? Is it steel? How about stone or clay? Or better yet, lead from pencils or wax from candles? Regardless of the primary material you’re going to use, it’s still important to consider other materials you’ll use with it. This is for you to ensure that you’re not just creating a masterpiece that will last for years, but also one that will last in other people’s memories for years due to the harmony that goes with putting together materials that greatly complement each other in terms of structure and color.

BONUS TIP: Is wood your primary material for sculpting? Try using your old skateboard deck as base platform. You can also use it as finishing touch. This will not only allow you to be more inspired with your chosen theme – let’s say, a person jumping – but also allow you to be more harmonized with your primary material. Skateboard decks are usually made from wood, which can be used as complement to the main type of wood and even as complement to the other materials you’ll use with it.

Consider These Before Sculpting
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