London street art

The world is like a big canvas where art sprouts everywhere. And for some people, the streets are literally a giant canvas to create artworks that more and more people now enjoy. From a charming small French town to England’s bustling capital city, here are some of the world’s best places to visit to see a famous street wall art and other stunning graffiti.

Angoulême, France
Angoulême is a picturesque old town with plenty of fascinating attractions. But the designated City of Art and History has more to offer, especially to comic strip lovers out there. Known as the country’s Capital of the Comic Strip, Angoulême is also home to the European School of Visual Arts. The town boasts of an annual comics festival that showcases artworks on building walls that locals and tourist can marvel at and enjoy.

Berlin, Germany
Berlin is like a vast street art gallery that features local and foreign urban artists’ works. The East Side Gallery, which was formerly part of the Berlin Wall, now serves as the world’s longest open-air gallery showcasing some of the city’s best street artworks. Take walk along the 1.3-kilometer stretch of wall that has become a canvas that depicts Berlin’s history and art.

London, England
The city where the world-renowned anonymous street artist Banksy started has become an open art space for local and international urban artists. Some of the best places to see street art in London include Brick Lane, Shoreditch (Bacon Street and more), Camden, Dulwich, Hackney Wick, Hackney Road, Bethnal Green; and more.

3 of the Best Places in the World for Street Art